Monday, 18 January 2010

Tortilla - Oxford Circus

On my way into work yesterday, i was delighted to see London burrito chain Tortilla have opened a branch in Market Place, just off Oxford Circus.

Tortilla has been my favourite London burrito vendor for a while now, not least because it's burritos are extremely good but also because of its £5 lunch offer of medium burrito and refillable fountain soda, which has enlived many a dreary Monday afternoon in Islington.

Opening a central London branch is an expensive gamble. Will it work? I think so. Although its target market of Gt Tichfield Street and Gt Portland Streert is a tough one - full of media types looking for a quick bite to eat at their desks or, if they're lucky, being lunched by a client - hopefully it will prove diverting enough to merit at least a takeaway visit. Attacting Eat in customers maybe more of a problem - at approx £7 for burrito and soda, it ain't the cheapest kid in town, but if they offer the £5 lunch deal they do in their Islington branch, this could be a winner.

Full review of their new branch later this week.

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