Monday, 18 January 2010

Why Brit Burritos?

Every since my first visit to California in 2002 I’ve been asking the same question; why doesn’t Britain ‘do’ burrito bars? After all as food, burritos are cheap, quick, healthy and a damn sight more tasty that calorific M&S packaged sandwiches and salty Subway atrocities. With refillable soda and free wifi, burrito bars are good places to spend a lazy afternoon in too, providing a welcome distraction from your local hostelry.

Over the last two years Britain’s burrito market seems to have emerge with popular hangouts in Manchester and London gaining more and more kudos. With American ‘super-burrito chain’ Chipotle opening its first UK outlet in April, 2010 looks like the year burrito bars go mainstream, so what better way to follow this story than blogging about them? Hell, at least it’s a constructive way of getting fat.

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  1. I support your research, but variations on burrito's with a difference like at Excel, or in a few London Uni sites are changing the flatbread concepts. At Great Ormand Street Hospital and Royal Free Hospital the breakfast wrap (burrito essentially ) and the chilli bean is really good..At Imperial Colleges cafe (open to public) the naan burrito/wrap is like little India in every bite..go try...